Opening Plenary with the President of Israel: Building a world where everyone belongs

  1. Community Living forall : From Rights to Reality
  2. #metoo- Making Justice Accessible
  3. Families Activism in Person Centered Approach Time
  4. Belonging starts at school: The right to Inclusive education for all children
  5. Real jobs for Real pay : Belonging in the workplace
  6. One God- Three Religions’ view of People with Intellectual Disability
  7. Accessible Medical Services
  8. Supported Decision Making ; Being Included means having the Right to Decide
  9. My Life, My Choices: Person Centered Planning
  10. Supporting People through challenging times
  11. Does Cannabis help?
  12. Personal Budgets; a tool for supporting inclusion in the community
  13. The Right to be a parent
  14. Access and Inclusion in Arts, Culture and Recreation; Part of Belonging in your community
  15. Self-Advocacy Movement - Looking Ahead
  16. Volunteering for the Community- We all Have the Right to Give
  17. Personal and Intimate Relationships: A Family of our Own
  18. Self-Advocated as Agents of Change
  19. The Right to Inclusive Education in University and College: Learning for Life.
  20. Social and Cultural Inclusion – Expressions of Belonging.