General Inforamtion


David Intercontinental Hotel
12 Kaufman St. Tel Aviv, 6800005 Israel
Tel: 972-3-7951111
Fax: 972-3-7951112


Sunday – Monday, November 24-25, 2019


Public transportation 

Following is a list of commuting options to the David Intercontinental Hotel:

From Savidor Merkaz station:

  • line no. 90- get off at Yosef Levi and Hakovshim station (about 3 min. walk)
  • line no. 10- get off at Kaufmann and Shenkar station (about 4 min. walk)
  • line no. 18- get off at Hakovshim and hacarmelit station (about 5 min. walk)

From Tal Aviv's Central bus station:

lines 31 or 17- get off at Hananya and Hayarkon station (about 4 min. walk)

in addition, every line that stops at Hacarmelit station can be used. it takes about 10 min. walk to the hotel.

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Parking at the David intercontinental hotel: you can validate your parking tickets at the designated post at the conference for the cost of 60 NIS per day.we recommend to use the nearby parking lots as it is mostly cheaper fare.list of parking lots in the vicinity of the hotels:- Gan Hakovshim parking- 2 Hakoveshim st. corener of Hananya St. (about 4 min. walk)- Tkumah parking- 36 Hamered St. (about 4 min. walk)- Hamered parking- 32 Hamered St. (about 7 min. walk)- Ein Ya'akov parking- 16 Kaufmann St. (about 8 min. walk)- Beit Etzel parking- 13 Nahum Goldmann St. (about 10 min. walk)- Hatachana parking- Hamered St. corner of 65 Kaufmann St. (about 11 min. walk)

Name Badge

Kindly wear your name tag during the entire time of the conference.

Dress Code

Dress code is casual.

Currency and Money Exchange

The currency in Israel is the New Israel Shekel (NIS). We recommend using the local currency although most expenses in Israel may be paid with major credit cards. The current (June 2019) exchange rate is:
1 US Dollar= 3.61 NIS and 1 Euro= 4.06 NIS.
Most ATMs accept all major credit cards such as Master Card, Visa, Diners, and American Express.

Local Time

Israel time zone is Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours.


The country code for Israel is +972.


Israel's electric current is 220 volt A.C., single phase, 50 cycles.


All visitors are required to have a valid passport, and for some countries, a visa is required. For more information please contact your nearest Embassy, Consulate or local travel agency well in advance. It is the responsibility of the participant to obtain a visa if required.

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The conference organizers are not liable for personal injuries sustained, or for loss or damage of property belonging to participants (or their accompanying persons), either during, or as a result of the conference.

Discover Israel

Visiting Israel is a life changing experience. The country features an abundance of history, religious significance for many different faiths; 21st Century amenities and infrastructures, advanced innovations, high-tech technologies, and unique landscapes.
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Conference Secretariat

Paragon Israel (Dan Knassim)
Tel/Fax: 972-3-5767716