About the Belonging Conference

The Belonging conference is a joint initiative of AKIM Israel and Inclusion International. The two-day conference will be held in Tel Aviv on November 24-25, 2019. 1600 participants are expected to attend, among them, people with intellectual disabilities, family members, legal guardians, scholars, professionals, policy makers and practitioners.

The aim of the conference is to explore ways of turning up-to-date perceptions of the person centered approach into public policy that supports people with intellectual disabilities and promotes their inclusion and right to choose, in the spirit of nothing about us without us.

The conference will discuss and present case studies and success stories from Israel and the world in a wide variety of issue prominent to the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, such as:

  • #metoo and sexual vulnerability of people with intellectual disabilities
  • Personalized budget model and personal programing
  • Police crisis intervention training
  • Community living
  • Inclusive education
  • Inclusive employment
  • Inclusive leisure and culture
  • Self-advocates leadership
  • Reform of the guardianship capacity law (Supported Decision-Making)
  • Relationship, sexuality and parenting of people with intellectual disabilities
  • The family and inclusion
  • Communal religious sphere

Every session of the conference will promote and reinforce the person centered approach, the value of inclusion into the community and the person's right to choose and make sovereign decision over his life. Sessions will host the best specialists in their fields and, naturally, people with intellectual disability.