About AKIM

AKIM Israel is the national organization for people with intellectual disabilities and their families, operating as a Person Centered Approach (PCO), i.e. it represents individuals with intellectual disabilities and their relatives while upholding human rights and freedoms.

Since its founding in 1951 the association acted to realize the rights, promote better quality of living and improve the welfare of people who have intellectual disabilities and their relatives, using legal advocacy and advocacy within the community.

The organization nowadays represents some 35,000 people with intellectual disabilities, and approximately 140,000 family members and legal guardians.

AKIM works towards inclusion of people with IDD in the community, empowerment of people for self-advocacy and integration into society.

Based on its vision, the association promotes positive attitudes towards the people through AKIM's headquarters, 65 branches and activity centers deployed in 87 towns and communities in Israel, in both Jewish and Arab sectors, managed by parents and volunteers.