Program at a Glance and Detailed Program

Sunday, November 24, 2019
08:00-09:00 Gathering 
 A Video Exhibition of Instegramers in the atrium
My Inspirational Phrase- Graffiti Wall
Social radio- people with intellectual Disability are covering the conference
09:00-10:30 Morning Sessions
 Hall AHall BHall CHall DHall EHall F
 Session 1: Everyone has the Right to be included in the community; How to turn our vision into realitySession 2: Families Activism in Person Centered Approach TimeSession 3: Belonging starts at school: The right to Inclusive education for all childrenSession 4: Real Jobs for Real Pay: Belonging in the WorkplaceSession 5: Supported Decision Making: Being Included means having the Right to DecideSession 6: Accessible Beit Midrash Workshop
Gideon Shalom, Deputy Director and Executive Director of the Disability Administration, The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social service
Viviane Azran, Head of Community Department, The Disability Administration, The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services
Adi Altschuler, Founder and CEO, Inclu- Inclusive Schools in Israel
Dr. Anat Greenstein, Inclu- Inclusive Schools in Israel
Dani Katz, Director, Services for Adults and Elderly, The Disability Administration, The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services
Avrami Torem, Commissioner for People with Disability, Ministry of Justice
10:30-10:45 pm Coffee and breakout to session
10:45-12:15 pm  Afternoon Sessions
 Hall AHall BHall EHall CHall DHall F
 Session 7: My Life, my Choices: Person Centered Planning Session 8: Personal Budgets; a tool for supporting inclusion in the community Session 9: Volunteering for the Community- We all Have the Right to Give Session 10: Access and Inclusion in Arts, culture and recreation; Part of Belonging in your Community Session 11: Self Advocacy Movement – Looking Ahead 
Yossi Shkolnik, Social Worker, AKIM Guardianship
Avital Sandler-Loeff, Director of Israel Unlimited JDC
Adv. Ziv Magor, Program Manager, Israel Unlimited JDC

Prof. Shirli Werner, Head of the MSW Program, Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Riva Muskal, CEO, The Shalem Fund
Bentzi Reuven, Self- Advocate, Member of AKIM's board
Riki Manir, Self- Advocate, Member of AKIM's board
12:15-12:45Coffee break 
12:45-14:30Opening Plenary: Building a world where everyone belongs

Sigal Peretz-Yahalomi, CEO, AKIM Israel
Sue Swenson, President, Inclusion International

Admiral (ret) Ami Ayalon, Chairman, AKIM Israel
Oded Naftali, an Equal in Uniform soldier, received the Outstanding President Award for 2018
Mr. Reuven Rivlin, The President of the State of Israel

Dr. Erik W. Carter, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Special Education,  Vanderbilt University
From Barriers to Belonging

02:30-03:30 pm  Lunch
03:30-05:00 pm  Closing Plenary:
 The Dignity of  Risk 1:
AKIM's theater Company will play on stage dilemmas and challenging situations with feedback from the audience
 The Dignity of  Risk 2:
Ya'acov Goldwaser, Director of the movie LACES and father of Uri
Presenting a dilemma on the question of respecting a person's wish to donate his kidney  
05:00-06:30 pmScreening of the Movie LACES
Safety and freedom, parenting and relationships, living in the community, attitudes toward the other are some of the values Gadi is facing. Gadi, a 36-year-old person with disability is moving in with his father Reuven after the loss of his mother. The two learn how to live together and cope with the difficult dilemma of respecting the son's wish. Gadi's wish to live in the community and the hidden love of the father for his son are revealed as they are reconnecting. Gadi's immense  mental strength is uncovered in the process.
Monday, November 25, 2019
A Video Exhibition of Instegramers in the atrium
My Inspirational Phrase- Graffiti Wall
Social radio- people with intellectual Disability are covering the conference
09:00-09:45Opening Plenary:  What Do We Support? What Do We Need to Belong?
 I am Bat-El
An Inspirational Standup Performance by Bat-El Borenstein, an Israeli Actress 
 Interview with our Keynote speakers
Host: Bat-El Borenstein
 • Dr. Bojana Rozman, Person-Centered Planning Specialist, Croatia

• Marian Frattarola-Saulino, Money Follows the Person, USA

• Dr. Gordon L. Porter, Director, Inclusive Education, Canada
10:45-11:15 Coffee and breakout to session
11:15-12:45 Morning Sessions
 Hall AHall BHall CHall DHall EHall F
 Session 1: Community Living for All: From Rights to RealitySession 2: #metoo- Making Justice Accessible Session 3: Social and Cultural Inclusion- Expressions of Belonging

Session 4: the Right to be a parent 

Session 5: Accessible Medical ServicesEmpower Us workshop 
Connie Laurin-Bowie, Executive Director, Inclusion International
Ronit Argaman, Social and Sexual Counselor
Zakay Ben- Asher, Regional Housing Manager, AKIM Israel interviews Shuki Avraham, Manager, Radio Sol and broadcaster and member of AKIM Kfar Saba branchChair:
Yonit Efrati, Director, Community Inclusion, Rights Commission,  Ministry of justice
Chair: Dr. Ohad Hochman, Director, Bnei Tzion Medical Center and member of the Forum for Accessible Medicine, The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center    Ailis Hardy
12:45-13:00 Coffee and breakout to session
01:00-02:30 pm Afternoon Sessions
 Hall DHall EHall AHall BHall CHall F
 Session 6: Personal and Intimate Relationships: A Family of our OwnSession 7: Supporting People through Challenging TimesSession 8: Self-Advocated as Agents of ChangeSession 9: The Right to Inclusive Education in University and College: Learning for LifeSession 10: One God- Three Religions’ view of People with  Intellectual DisabilityEmpower Us workshop  
Sagi Alush, Actor, Simple Dreams Play of Beit She'an AKIM Branch
Dr. Muhamad Diab, Director, Elhanra Community Housing

Keren Dror, Self-Advocacy National Officer, AKIM Israel
Rami Haner, Self-Advocate at the Holon Branch, AKIM Israel
Dr. Hefziba Lifshitz, Founder, Otzmot Program, Bar Ilan University
Rabbi Shai Piron, Chairman of Pnima Movement and Former Minister of Education Ailis Hardy
02:30-03:30 pm Lunch
03:30-05:00 pm Closing Plenary: The Future we want: Working Together so Everyone Belongs